Henk Esterhuysen

Managing Director & Lead Facilitator

Growing up in Hermanus, with Sparks Esterhuysen, a well-known adventurer, as his dad, it was only natural that Henk developed a passion for the outdoors and spending quality time in nature. While still in school, Henk would accompany his dad

Elisabet Miller

Marketing & Administration

Elisabet’s love for adventure started young when her mother took her out of school to travel around Europe and Morocco for 12 months. After that she was eager to soak up as many different experiences and adventures as possible. This

Tilla Esterhuysen

Office Manager & Caterer

Tilla, Henk’s Mother, has been involved with See-en-Sand since 2012, and can be considered the Ultimate Mom to all our students while they are in our care. She can just as easily whip up dinner for 130 students as she

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