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In 1971 a group of students from Paul Roos High School approached their teacher, Sparks Esterhuysen, to take them to the coastal town of Hermanus to share his extensive knowledge of the ocean with them

The enthusiasm with which this camp was received, convinced Sparks that there was a need for young adults to be taken out of their comfort zone, faced with challenging situations, and empowered with self-awareness and confidence to approach life with a unique outlook.

Today, we offer a variety of camps, courses, and nature-inspired adventures suitable for students or adults, that will reignite your passion for life in general and the outdoors.

For Children and Teens:

Our camps and courses are aimed at encouraging students to step outside of their comfort zone by experiencing thrilling outdoor adventures with us and other like-minded individuals.

• For ages 13 – 18 we offer our Understand the Ocean Weekend Camp
• For ages 16+ we offer our intensive 7-day Lifesaving Course
Private camps may be arranged for various age groups
• We can accommodate High School Groups

For Adults:

Join us for a nature-inspired breakaway that will reinvigorate and inspire you. Allow us to take care of all the logistics while you experience some of Hermanus’s hidden gems.

• For over 18s our Sea and Soul Weekend Retreat is a must
• Multi-day hikes
• Private experiences can be arranged upon request

Our challenge isn’t so much to teach children about the natural world, but to find ways to nurture and sustain the instinctive connections they already carry.” — Terry Krautwurst

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